Watchful Waiting

Keeping track of potential threats, and only ever getting in your way when they turn real.

Immediately Responsive

Sends out alerts within seconds of identifying and locating threats, so you always stay safe.

Hands-free? Try phone-free

Compatible with Android, iOS and IoT beacons. With no one near the tree, you still hear the sound.

Why Choose Us

Let's approach this by means of contradiction. What would happen if you don't choose us? Things like what happened in Vegas a week ago or even the Orlando shooting would be constant. The reality of the matter is that man ceases to think when calamities strike. All he thinks is "I need to get myself out of this situation" but how, he has no clue.

That's where Safe·n·Sound comes into play. Our system allows users across a variety of platforms to track the sound of gunshots in a certain area, and then based the set of all wavelengths and frequencies of the gunshot that are recorded by users in proximity, we are able to track down the shooter by his geographic coordinates and give people a rational way of evacuating the premise.


Not only is our system able to detect a shooter's location, but it is also able to do so within an accuracy of three to five meters from the location of the shooter. By alerting our customers of the nearby threat as well as the direction in which it's proceeding, we ignite in them a way to logically think their way out.


Precision is one thing, but speed is another. Suppose a shooter is within 20 meters of you, but a detection app takes forever to notify you that there's a nearby danger. What would then be your fate? Injury? Possibly death? That's where speed is crucial, and that's what we bring to the table. We make it our best aim to not only inform customers of the location of the shooter but also do so at high speeds.

Ready To Use

Our app is easily accessible across a multitude of platforms, so device type isn't an issue. Moreover, there isn't much to it. All it takes is a simple registration of an account, and you're all set. The rest of the duty is on us.

1 Mass Shootings in 2015
1 Killed or Injured
1 Shootings in Schools
1 Million Guns in the US

Help Us Out

Our platform relies on people just like you contributing data across the planet, keeping everyone everywhere safe and sound.


Use our Android app to get access to the latest alerts in your area. In the background, you'll be contributing the source data we rely on to detect threat conditions and locate them before you become the next victim. We'll let you know if you can help.

You're only a click away. Just think of the many lives you'll be saving. Your contribution will help improve our precision in locating threats, and more importantly generate a safer, more welcoming world.


By using our iOS app, you'll be able to receive notifications of nearby threats and the best possible routs of evacuating the premice under attack. Moreover, not only will you be helping yourself, but you'll also be saving others by keeping dangers under check..

The more of you that join, the better. As our customer count grows larger, our data tracking precision becomes much more accurate. Protect yourself and others by installing our app.

Browsers & WWW

Increase in web productivity --> Increase in customres --> increase in data precision --> decrease in lives lost. That's as simple as it gets. You guys go out and spread the word, and our data will become more and more accurate. Without you guys, we're meaningless. And without us, you guys are in no certain safe hands.

By helping spread the word, you guys can enable us to help this world become a safer place not just for you guys and us but for all.


A handheld device won't always be there for a person under threat. That's just a fact of life, whether we accept it to be true or not. If cities and governments can install beacons around their areas, we can clear up any shooting. Everything becomes under check, thereby making it difficult for mass shootings to take place.

It is our ethical duty to assist in preserving human life. Otherwise, we ourselves are devoid of life. By installing these beacons arounds towns, cities, or even states, we can reduce these shootings to a minimum.

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